Nicki Minaj returns to silence critics on the title track from her forthcoming sophomore album 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded,' firing shots at the haters and enlisting Young Money boss Lil Wayne for a parting salvo.

Over the percussive Rico Beats soundbed, Nicki bangs out her detractors, clapping back at the accusations that she's gone pop (having recently released 'Starships,' a pop song), with nary an AutoTuned bar in sight.

"I guess I went commercial, just shot a commercial/ When I flew to the set though, I ain't fly commercial," she raps. "I laugh at hopefuls, Nicki pop?/ Only thing that's pop is my endorsement opp."

Weezy wraps things up with a drug-induced verse about popping mollys and smoking blunts, and while 'Roman Reloaded' marks the return of the hardcore Nicki fans has been begging for, the song loses steam in the end, much like Lil Wayne does -- gasping for breath, tired, or maybe just bored.

Listen to Nicki Minaj's 'Roman Reloaded' Feat. Lil Wayne

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