Surprise! Nicki Minaj has returned to Twitter. She also announced that her video for "Starships" will premiere Thursday (April 26), at 7:56PM on MTV. Guess she's not quitting rap after all. [Rap-Up]

Not only has 50 Cent refused to let Young Buck sell off his recordings to help pay his creditors, apparently Buck doesn't even own the rights to his own name. [WSJ]

Snoop Dogg on Dick Clark: "Is Ryan Seacrest the new Dick Clark? Fuck no. Dick Clark, real n---a. Always a stand-up kind of guy for me. Dick Clark go to bat for Snoop Dogg all times. Dick Clark had American motherfucking Bandstand. You hear me? With swag, n----." [GGN]

French Socialist Party candidate Francois Hollande has used Kanye West and Jay-Z's "N----s in Paris" in his new campaign ad. Wow. [Slate]

What can we expect from Wiz Khalifa's wedding? Definitely a giraffe, or something. "It's gonna be as traditional as possible, but I like that word far out too [for our wedding]. It's gonna be a far out wedding. We can't do it too normal. There'll be like a giraffe or something." [SOHH]

Eight years after his death, Mac Dre's Thizz Entertainment record label has been implicated in a massive drug bust. The DEA arrested 25 members of a "nationwide ecstasy ring," and seized 45,000 ecstasy pills, four lbs. of crack, a half lb. of heroin, and $200,000 in suspected drug money, allegedly used to finance the label. Life's a bitch. [AllHipHop]

Something's up with this Ashanti performance on "LIVE! with Kelly." Also, is that looped background vocal repeating the word "hairball"? [YouTube]

Nicki Minaj Brings Times Square to a Stop

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