We're sure that when the online rabble-rousers at MediaTakeOut.com posted some "conclusive evidence" that Nicki Minaj is pregnant, they meant it all in good fun. Well, Minaj's vocal online fanbase isn't taking the site's tabloid report so casually.

Citing a "rock solid" insider at Minaj's label, Young Money, the site claimed that the pop star's pregnancy was revealed after she asked for a "reduced schedule" in upcoming months. It also floated the rumor that Nicki demanded a closed door meeting with top-level record executives to tell them the news and come up with a game plan.

As is common these days, the report set off dozens of additional blog reports, Twitter debates, side stories about Lil Wayne throwing temper tantrums and all sorts of side drama. Of course, it's not even true. A rep for Minaj shot down the rumors earlier today in a statement to another online site called Gossip Cop. The rapper has yet to even comment on the matter.

A small bit of online research shows that MediaTakeOut and similar gossipy sites tend to throw out a "confirmed" Nicki Minaj pregnancy story about as often as they get an inside source to tell them that Beyonce is finally having a child with Jay-Z.

Something else to take into consideration is Minaj's repeated comments that her love life is pretty lackluster given her busy schedule. In a recent Rolling Stone profile, she denied MediaTakeOut's reports that she has butt implants and was dating her assistant.

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