Throughout Nicki Minaj's year-plus tenure in the spotlight, she's been quite the cameo darling. As we discussed last week, Nicki's collaborations earned her a huge Billboard accomplishment with seven songs on the charts at one time. While Nicki became the cherry on top of any hit single, the skepticism of whether or not her tracks would chart became the question. Check out her hits and misses after the jump.

'Massive Attack' feat. Sean Garrett: MISS

This song missed in many ways, but most had to do with the video. While the song attempted to harness all of the abstract energy Nicki possessed, the video was a visual trainwreck. Adopting the certain aspects of past Lil' Kim videos, the video didn't help disprove the theory that Nicki was on the road to carbon copying the Queen Bee. From gyrating, possessed tribal men, to a pink Ferrari and helicopters, this video was one big cliché, that lacked a cohesive storyline. Nicki wasn't too pleased with it either, as she alluded in her cover story with Complex Magazine. In case you forgot, here's the video:

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'Your Love': HIT

Properly utilizing an Annie Lennox sample, 'Your Love' was a win that gained momentum. Originally the song leaked way before the single dropped, but it was rough and Nicki didn't like it. It went through the mastering cycle and was redelivered to the masses. The result? The track soared to the top of the Billboard Rap Songs chart, and Nicki was the first female emcee to top the charts in over seven years. They say the first time's the charm, but Nicki proved that theory wrong. See why:

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Honorable Mention: 'Right Thru Me'

'Right Thru Me' is gaining steam, especially with the release of the video. While this song has more of an R&B tinge, where 'Your Love' was straight Pop, 'Right Thru Me' is geared to be Nicki's second big solo hit.

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Honorable Mention: 'Roman's Revenge' featuring Eminem

This song just released, but once it makes the impact it's destined to, sparks will fly. Part battle rap, part horror flick, this track has crazy video written all over it. We can't wait to watch the plot develop.