Nicki Minaj is branching out into the advertising world thanks to her new ad for T-Mobile. The cellular company hired the Queen Barbz to help promote their T-Mobile One unlimited data plan. In the fun T-Mobile "Love Triangle" commercial, Minaj catches her man out on a date with Snapchat instead of her. The nerve of him!

When he tries to explain his dilemma with his Verizon data plan, the Young Money rhymer is not having it and kicks him to the curb. So fellas, if you want to hold on to your chick make sure your data plan is unlimited or else.

All jokes aside, Minaj has been making a lot of noise lately. Last weekend, she dropped "The Pinkprint Freestyle," where she rapped over Young M.A.'s breakthrough single, "OOOUUU."

“I’m talkin’ ’bout my brand and you talkin’ ’bout your brands,” she says on the intro. “The difference is a lot of MMMMMMMMMMs to your couple hundred grand.”

Minaj also brings the sex and sizzle on Ariana Grande's dancehall-inspired tune "Side to Side." In the visual, the Queen Barbz boasts about her lyrical and sexual prowess while surrounded by men in the steam room. You can watch the clip below.

Watch's Ariana Grande's "Side To Side" Feat. Nicki Minaj

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