Hip hop's most outlandish diva Nicki Minaj has let slip just how much she wants to duet with pop's nuttiest fashionista Lady Gaga, according to HollyScoop via MTV. During last week's iHeartRadio Music Festival, Nicki was asked if she'd like to work with Gaga, had the opportunity presented itself. "She's so iconic, so yes," the 'Super Bass' rapper said.

"I don't know that when that would happen or if it could ever happen but that would be a dope experience," the hopeful collaborator added.

While the two divas have yet to collaborate musically, their mutual reliance on outlandish fashions as a means for self-expression and image-bolstering leads us to believe their paths are bound to cross at a fashion show, if not on stage.

Lady Gaga has heavy and prolific ties with the goth-tinged fashion house Mugler while Nicki Minaj is receiving personal gifts from Anna Wintour herself. So ... wig shopping buddies? Sorry if we're stretching here -- it's not all clear what sort of "monster" of a musical collaboration these two would breed. What do you think?

Watch Nicki Minaj's 'Super Bass'
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