Ah, to go from an unknown to having the hottest guest in the game on a remix of your first single. One can dream, but that's been the reality for 9-year-old Willow Smith. Smith, who is the daughter of actors Will and Jada, seemingly appeared out of nowhere with the smash 'Whip My Hair' last month and the Internet-favorite now has what seems to be an unofficial remix featuring a verse from Nicki Minaj. While Minaj's verse originally appeared on a 2009 Pearl Future track entitled 'Lookin' At Me,' this remix will certainly bring the wacky pop star's concoction to a bigger audience.

"I was on my way to school I dos me/ hopped out the drop, grabbed my juicy," rhymes Minaj on the new version. "I hopped, skipped and jumped past them hoopties/ but wait I forgot to grab my loose leaf/ I doubled right back b-back like who's that/ I did the little dance like kat da boom kat/ I love how the jocks be watching me/ so I grab my crotch and be like 'hehe.'"

So, while this might not be a legitimate in-studio collaboration between the two, Minaj's chemistry with tween listeners should play well to Smith's budding fan base.

You can download the new version of 'Whip My Hair' here.