Nicki Minaj has dominated the rap game with record-breaking hits and penetrated the fashion world, even courting the favors of Vogue's editor-in-chief Anna Wintour herself, but is the 'Super Bass' superstar hitching a plan to edge herself into the art world?

On the latest cover W magazine, the fashionista MC dons some very, very old school stylings in the haute couture dresses by Versace and Dior -- fit to be worn by the fanciest, naughtiest companions for hire of them all. That's right. She's dressed as historically relevant, upper class prostitutes, so to speak.

W magazine

Nicki's bodacious frame is nested into flowing, silky, extravagant gowns, headdresses and accessories. The diva rapper poises herself classically, as if she's sitting for a painted portrait. "I wanted to play with the public image of a female hip-hop star," Vezolli explains. "During my entire career, I have always been fascinated by powerful women in history."

"In her performances, Minaj makes very explicit and ­challenging use of her beauty and her body, so I thought of comparing her to some of the most famous courtesans in history: the Marquise de ­Montespan, Comtesse du Barry, Madame de Pompadour, and ­Madame Rimsky-­Korsakov," he continues. "My idea was to reproduce four iconic portraits of some of the most fascinating females of the past in a series starring an American pop-culture role model. We tried to re-create those original portraits using similar furniture, props, and clothing, à la Visconti. Luckily enough, the result came out as surreal as it could be, just as I wished."

W magazine

Francesco Vezzoli is represented by the art gallery of Larry Gagosian, recently crowned the No. 4 most powerful person in the Art World according to ArtReview Magazine. Kudos to the hip-hop star for actually working with artists, instead of ripping off their work. Gaga better watch out!