Nicki Minaj's fiery guest verse on Madonna's 'I Don't Give A' has received a video of its own and the timing couldn't be any better.

The quick clip hit the web yesterday during the same stretch of time that Gucci Mane was ranting about anyone and everyone, including Minaj who he claimed to have slept with at some point. The only thing is, she didn't upload this video to her official Vevo account, which means this is probably a leak. A well-timed leak but a leak nonetheless.

Minaj spends the majority of the clip seated in a throne firing shots at her enemies and all the pawns out there before acknowledging that, for her, there is only one queen. That would be Madonna, of course, whose 'I Don't Give A' stems from her 2012 album, 'MDNA.'

You can watch the video above.