There's no way that Nicki Minaj would be on the brink of the super-stardom without having a way with words. Over the weekend, she announced that she's adding a new nickname to her arsenal and that referring to her with the correct moniker will be necessary from this point on.

"I've officially changed my name and will only respond ... to Roman," she wrote on Twitter yesterday (May 23). "Roman Zolanski. Out."

We're not sure how long this new moniker will last, but how strange! The name clearly refers to embattled fugitive 'Chinatown' director Roman Polanski -- a man who once had sexual relations with a 13-year old girl named Samantha Geimer and ended up running to France so he wouldn't go to prison. This seems like just about the oddest source to inspire a new nickname and Minaj still hasn't explained how and why she came to the title.

Either way, strange new name or not, Minaj is looking for big things in the near future. She's apparently finalizing paperwork with Diddy that will allow the mogul to manage her career and create cross-marketing branding opportunities of the most epic proportions imaginable.

"She has a long way to go, but you know how we recognized LeBron was a great one, Tiger was a great one, and Kobe was a great?" said Diddy recently. "Nicki is up there. Her story has just begun."

That's Ms. Zolanski to you, Mr. Combs.