Nicki Minaj reportedly can't seem to control her temper. After the 'Pink Friday' creator was involved in a verbal spat with a maid at her Hollywood home last month, news comes now that she lashed out at a facialist while receiving some services at a Los Angeles spa.

The 26-year-old rapper visited Dawn DaLuise Skin Refinery in Los Angeles to receive an eyebrow and lip treatment by owner Dawn DaLuise. According to the beauty expert, Nicki's experience at her business was far from pleasant.

"After I waxed her eyebrows and lip, she started screaming 'Who the f--- do you think you are?'" DaLuise tells Star magazine of the 'Super Bass' rhymer's tirade. "'Look what you did to my damn face! You think this s--- is worth 170 dollars?'"

DaLuise revealed that Nicki stormed out of the spa but not before throwing wads of bills at her. "It's a shame when you see a darling girl turn into a temperamental diva," she explained.

The business owner also recalled a prior incident where she was witness to the wig-wearing MC's tantrums. "I arrived at her condo one afternoon, her eyes were dilated, her wig was falling off, her face was covered in red sores and she was perspiring heavily," DaLuise said.

"She was swearing and screaming at her assistant," she added.

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