Nicki Minaj is reaching out to her gay fans following the suicide of two gay students, who were bullied. The Young Money frontwoman, who has long been vocal about her bisexuality, is promoting tolerance of homosexuality.

"I would encourage my gay fans to be fighters and to be brave," she told MTV News. "People face difficulties, no matter who you are. I faced difficulties with a lot of things. I face opposition every day, but I didn't kill myself and now, thank God, I'm here. So I want my life to be a testimony to my fans and my gay fans."

Minaj also noted that she doesn't think that everyone has to agree with everyone's lifestyle, but that bullying is definitely wrong. "I think that some people aren't going to agree, but I think that when you're mean and when you ridicule people it's a sign of your own insecurities," she said. "So shout out to all my Ken and Barbies out there and my girls too, just believe that things will get better and they will they always do."

The subject of homophobia and discrimination among young people has been brought to the forefront this week following the death of 18-year-old Rutgers University student Tyler Clementi, who killed himself after his roommate posted a video online of him having sex with another man. Additionally, 13-year-old Seth Walsh committed suicide after incessant bullying about his sexual orientation.

"There's always a different way that you can fight people back," Minaj added. "And definitely [with] suicide you're giving up and I don't promote giving up. I promote fighting and winning."