Nicki Minaj hasn't yet released her debut album, but she's already setting her sites on the big leagues: winning an Oscar. The rapper revealed in an interview that after she conquers music, she hopes that the next 10 years will find her delving into philanthropy work and acting.

"I definitely wanna have my charities off the ground," she told New York's DJ Drama. "I wanted to do something where I was able to do scholarships for girls in the inner cities. It's very important to me that the girls go to school if they want to go to college and further their education. And of course you know, lots of Grammys, an Oscar maybe, who knows. We're getting scripts. We're reading it, but we're not saying nothing [yet]."

Since pretty much taking the music industry by storm this year, the Young Money frontwoman hopes that her debut release will change the perception of female rapper's ability to sell records. Despite any negative fodder from other femcee's, Minaj wants to encourage aspiring female rappers to follow their dreams. All of the hype surrounding her will finally be put to the test when 'Pink Friday' hits stores on Nov. 22.