In a recent interview, Nicki Minaj said manager Diddy makes her gag. "You know how you look at your older brother? That's how I look at Diddy," the Young Money rapper explained, before complaining that people always jump to conclusions about their relationship, especially the two are seen out together holding hands. "When people say that [we're dating], it makes me gag. He's my friend, and he's sweet and he's a great guy, but I could never see him that way." Damn Dids, ouch! Maybe don't hold hands in public then? Sitting on his lap is probably out of the question too. [CNN]

Lil Kim recently explained how would-be collaborators can get her on a track. "I love working with artists that are real and outside the box, who like to bring something different than what everyone else is doing; that's how you get Lil Kim on a record." And here we thought it was just about a paycheck. Shame on us. [HipHopWired]

Spencer Pratt's recent tweet, threatening the world with a Speidi sex tape: "Promises you the Citizen Kane of sex tapes. Honestly, Orson Wells makes a guest appearance. Recommends you wait for the Special Edition Sex Tape. Blu-Ray, director's commentary, and bloopers!" Also, talks in third person, likely to go on to star in scripted B-Movies and...we're passing. [FListed]