As Drake traveled the road to music stardom earlier this year, MTV was with him every step of the way, getting behind-the-scenes footage. The result was an enjoyable documentary entitled 'Better Than Good Enough' that showed the tremendous work that goes into launching a star. Young Money's next big one is Nicki Minaj and it looks like she'll be getting the same treatment from the television network as cameras have been following her every move during the recording process.

"Here's a first look at a BIG project I'm doing with MTV," Minaj teased on Twitter Monday evening, posting a screenshot. "Sneak peak later this week!!!"

Both her and Drake have had the pressure of dealing with major debut releases in similar environments. Both have increasingly vast fanbases clamoring for perfection and guessing sales figures. With younger fans more eager to purchase pop-oriented music finding a balance between pop and traditional hip-hop versus becomes the challenge.

'Pink Friday' is available from stores and digital retailers on Nov. 22. Minaj, like Drake in June, will also appear for a surefire chaotic signing at Best Buy in Manhattan on Nov. 23.

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