Nicki Minaj has had a busy few weeks. The hip-hop diva was recently spotted causing a stir in London and was eventually booted from her hotel when her rabid fans mobbed the Dorchester hotel. Now, it appears as though her hair is causing a trending whirl as the blogosphere is randomly abuzz after photos of Minaj's latest hairdo/wig hit the 'net.

Known for donning multicolored wigs -- usually pink or blond with a splash of color-- Minaj's latest look is behind creative. The diva was seen sporting a camouflage wig as she strutted past paparazzi in a snug fitting cream dress. it's unclear where Minaj was headed in her new 'do (war?), but we're sure it's not the last wacky headpiece we'll see on the femcee.

Watch Nicki Minaj's 'Check It Out'

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