Nicki Minaj has been making waves since the start of 2014, releasing a steady stream of freestyle and singles. 'Anaconda' -- both it's booty-focused single cover and video -- has pushed the attention surrounding her artistry to a new high.

Willfully sexy and flirtatious, the Colin Tilley-directed visual quickly became one of the most popular of the year. This is a surprise to the rapper, who tells MTV that she doesn't think the effort is all that sexy.

“I didn’t think the video was so sexy or crazy, but I guess, I dunno,” Minaj says, following her performance of the new song at the MTV Video Music Awards.

She's definitely one of the few. Even Drake, who looked composed during the video's famous lap dance scene, was hyped after the cameras stopped rolling.

"He's an actor, so he did a good job of containing himself," she explains. "But after the lap dance, he was excited as hell. He was just like, 'Yo! Do you understand that I'm the man after this video comes out?' We were just laughing."

Minaj also expressed her surprise at the immense popularity of the video. 'Anaconda' broke the record for most VEVO video views in 24 hours with 19.6 million. Miley Cyrus previously held the record in 2013 with 19.3 million.

The Young Money queen is just going to have to get used to its popularity; 'Anaconda' is bound to become her career staple. The visuals have now earned over 88 million views on YouTube, and the single is the highest-charting of her career at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Minaj was a trending topic during her MTV VMAs performance, taking the stage three times during the ceremony. She caused an uproar when she came out to perform 'Anaconda,' and luckily avoided disaster when she was forced to hold her black dress together after a very quick, mistimed costume change.