Nick Young is having a rough year albeit it's mostly his fault.

The Los Angeles Lakers player admitted to repeatedly cheating on his fiance, Iggy Azalea, on a video recorded by his teammate, D'Angelo Russell. In the midst of his scandalous behavior, the NBA baller also got his ex-girlfriend pregnant. Not to mention, there's rumors that his team is looking to trade him.

In the latest sighting of Young, TMZ caught up with him outside of his penthouse in Los Angeles -- the same one that Azalea recently moved out of. Young has been seen parading around in pajamas -- he even went furniture shopping in a bright yellow robe. Although in the video, Young claims that this is what "ballers" do. To be fair, The Game was also there -- in PJs. "Ran into my OG @losangelesconfidential furniture shopping .... Both had on pajamas ... Sick lol ...," read a caption of the photo of them together on Instagram.

But after the TMZ reporter continued to ask him about his outfit choices, Young explained that he has a lot going on right now. "I'm going through something in life," said Young.

The 31-year-old also recently posted a video of Tupac speaking about not turning his back on God even during his tumultuous times. "Even though I was going through the worst of times, I still recognized him as being something greater than myself. I'm not going to give up my faith even when it's going bad for me," said Pac.

We can only imagine what Young's going through but we hope all turns out well. Check out Nick Young and The Game posing in their PJs while furniture shopping below. Also, peep Pac kicking knowledge, also below.