Nick Cannon is beating all of his critics to the punch, making fun of his rap skills (or lack thereof) on his new track 'I'm So Wack.'

The 30-year-old, and soon to be father of Mariah Carey's twins, took a little time to address all of his haters with this tongue-in-cheek account of why he's so great. "N----s say I'm wack but I don't give a f---," he starts. "If I'm so wack then why you on my nuts?/ I'm so wack I'll say it all day/ Every time you call me wack, n---- I get paid."

"I'm so wack, I'm on your blog every morning/ Tom Ford suit 'cause me so corny/ I'm so wack that b----es wanna bone me/ Wax museum, n----s wanna clone me/ Why am I, why am I wack?/ Maybe it's, maybe it's my Maybach or could it be every piece that I hit back/ When I was G-I-G-O-L-O-I-N-G to the max," he continues.

With everything on his plate, including hosting, producing and running Teen Nick, the San Diego native always manages to find his way back to the music game. His self-titled debut, released in 2003, spawned the hit 'Gigolo' featuring R. Kelly, and went on to sell 275,000 copies.

This latest track will appear on Cannon's forthcoming mixtape, 'Child of the Corn,' a playful take on his "corny" reputation. "I'm reppin for all the goofy, corny, geeky kids! Just live your life like you want to! I made CORNY COOL," he tweeted about the project. "Call me GENERAL CORNBALL WALLACE."

Listen to Nick Cannon's 'I'm So Wack'