After undergoing surgery to let doctors remove a “cyst ... the size of a grape,” Nick Cannon had no qualms with hitting the streets of Hollywood as he went to Hyde Lounge just after getting the lump removed from his face.

The TeenNick CEO has been “tweeting about the growth for the past couple of days,” reports TMZ, and was ready to share photos of the facial surgery but decided the process was not stomach-friendly. "I want to show y’all the pics of the removal but its too disgusting! #weakstomach," Cannon tweeted over the weekend.

Before heading to the West Hollywood establishment, the 'Wild N Out' mogul-in-the-making patched a band-aid over his cheek, then joked with paparazzi telling them, “I got shot. This is my 50 Cent scar,” but really, Cannon was “just getting his Nelly on.”