After a few disappointments and label woes, the Clipse return with a new record label, their own imprint and a new album, 'Clipse Presents: Re-Up Gang.' Stronger than ever, the Virginia Beach-bred brothers Malice and Pusha T, along with Ab-Liva and Sandman, are back with what can be described as the major label version of the 'We Got it 4 Cheap' mixtapes. 'Emotionless' and 'Bring it Back' are direct imports from 'We Got it for Cheap: Vol 3: The Spirit of Competition,' but we can't say we mind considering both tracks were high notes on 'Spirit of Competition.'

On the R&B side, young Lloyd is back with his 'Lessons in Love.' The 22-year-old's third album features guest appearances by Lil Wayne and fellow Atlanta native Ludacris. Bolstered by the bass-heavy single 'Girls Around the World,' 'Lessons' smooths out with a bevy of sexy, lady-friendly tracks like 'Year of the Lover,' 'Treat You Good,' and 'I Can Change Your Life.' 'Lessons in Love' hits stores today.