With a family-oriented reality TV series and rumored film projects in the works, one may wonder how Snoop Dogg has time for his first love: music. The Doggfather's latest project, 'Ego Trippin,' serves to prove that multitasking and dipping into commercial markets doesn't necessarily make you any less of a "gangsta."

Snoop's flow is smooth and melodic over a variety of impressive beats and samples from some of the best producers in the game, such as the Neptunes, Teddy Riley, Raphael Saadiq, Polow Da Don and DJ Quik. Riley adds his talkbox and '90s funk-infused R&B sound to tracks like 'SD Is Out' and 'Cool,' a cover of the Time classic of the same name, while Pharrell mixes cool synths and brassy bass lines on the possible single 'Sets Up.' 'Ego Trippin'' is a testament to Snoop's ability to make an eclectic, multifarious album his ninth time around.

Other notable releases include Rick Ross' second album, 'Trilla,' due in stores today. "Down south we use the term Trill, that's like true and real put together," Ross told the BoomBox when asked about the title of his new album. ''Trilla' boasts inevitable hits like 'Maybach Music,' featuring Jay-Z and the album's first single 'Boss.'