Bang Bang Bang, Killer Mike is back! Though his affiliation with Big Boi's Purple Ribbon All-Stars went south, Mike put together his Grind Time Rap Gang and hit the ground hustling. Arguably one of the most dedicated rappers in the game, Mike raps ridiculously hard all the way through 'I Pledge Allegiance to The Grind II,' which features production by NO I.D., The Beat Bullies and guest spots by Ice Cube, Shawty Lo, Chamillionaire and many more.

Taking more than just a cue from Cube, Mike spits steel on tracks like 'Bang', 'Pressure' and '10 G's,' but the album's high points are the more relaxed, 8Ball & MJG assisted 'Super Clean' and spacey 'Grandma's House.' While there are a couple of missteps like the rap-rock catastrophe 'I'm The S---,' the production is solid for the most part, providing Mike with more than enough ammunition to launch his verbal assault. Mike's newest installment of "Ghetto Gospel" won't do Wayne numbers, but it might be the best album you buy this year. 'I Pledge Allegiance to The Grind II' hits stores today.