When Keyshia Cole hit the music scene with her debut release 'The Way It Is' she was automatically typecasts as an attitude having woman scorned using her music to appeal to fans who have gone through the same problems. Yet over the past three years her career has flourished so its fitting that she finally gives listeners a take on 'A Different Me.' Gone are the many snail paced break-up songs, alternatively a balance of relationship topics strive to level this effort.

The lead single 'Playa Cardz Right,' featuring the late Tupac Shakur, is probably the best example of how much things have changed in Cole's music. Instead of screaming "I should've cheated" or "I just want it to be over" she seductively invites her mate to step his game up if he wants to claim her as a prize. The Polow Da Don-produced 'Make Me Over' is somewhat of an off the wall endeavor that feels more like big band swing music than R&B. It does more to further steer her new sound in a different direction, but little to keep your attention.

The album's second single, 'You Complete Me,' allows Cole to show her vulnerability in showcasing her readiness for love and acceptance of it. Yet her true sexiness comes out in 'Brand New,' a slow but steady love making instructional guide in which Cole finds herself trading in her angst for seductive dirty talk. 'Trust' a duet with Monica works as Cole's sugary anecdote to claiming her "ride or die chick" status.

Critics and fans alike may be taken a back by this new found Cole who would rather sing about being in love than falling out of it. Rightfully so, the albums transitions are so smooth their almost seamless. 'A Different Me' is a sexier more adult side of the 27-year-old but after all she's been through in relationships we're more than happy to oblige her.