Jim Jones' latest mixtape/album, 'Harlem's American Gangster,' is a pretty blatant stab at Jay-Z's conceptual album of the somewhat same name. And to throw a little extra salt on the open wound, Jones commissioned Jigga's former business partner and friend, Dame Dash, to host the project, which hit stores today.

Dash appears throughout the album in skits that uplift his hometown of Harlem, New York, while taking jabs at Jigga. "How n----s run around calling themselves 'American Gangsters.' Well first and foremost, a real bona fide official Harlem n---- would never betray his friends," Dash proclaims in the album's intro.

Jones may not have the critical acclaim of his foe Jay-Z, but the gritty rapper knows the streets and manages to deliver credible hip-hop. "Some people do soundtracks to the movies about Harlem, we do soundtracks to the streets of Harlem, which made us who we are today,"Jones said.