Storming out the gate as a coke-slanging MC supported by great production and immediate street credibility, Young Jeezy returns with his third solo album, 'The Recession,' which hits stores today. This time around Jeezy proves there's room for a sprinkling of politics along with his usual tales from the streets.

The album boasts the Kanye West-assisted stand out 'Put On' and -- now prerequisite song featuring Nas about a black president -- ('My President'), where Jeezy threatens to "Email Jesus and tell him to forward to Moses and cc Allah." An admitted evolution -- though not necessarily a departure -- from his debut, 'The Recession' is largely made up of tracks reminiscent of 'Thug Motivation 101,' propelled by epic beats from DJ Toomp, Shawty Red, Don Cannon and other similar synth users.

Ultimately, tracks like 'Put On,' 'Hustlaz Ambition' and and the Billy Paul sampling 'Circulate' make it worth copping. Buy 'The Recession' on iTunes.