When Wu-Tang first formed like Voltron, no one suspected that the GZA (who just happened to be the head, at the time) would release more solo albums than Meth or Rae, but here we are.

With 'Pro Tools,' the fifth installment from the mind of the Genius, we get an album that should satisfy virtually all GZA fans- weird Wu-Wearing, Killer-Bee-Swarm-obsessed Europeans and regular old people alike. Featuring a 50 Cent dis track, a gang of familiar guests (Masta Killa, RZA, True Master), and timely production from the likes of RZA, DJ Muggs, Nottz (killing it as usual) and Black Milk, this might be the best Wu-related album in a minute, and it's definitely worth checking out. Or continue waiting for that Rae album that should be coming this Neverary.

Speaking of quadragenarians with an album out, Ice Cube's 'Raw Footage,' also drops today, which we guess is a play on words because Cube is such a raw actor or something. The album features production by DJ Toomp, Emile and Scott "I'm still alive" Storch, and is said to be a return to form for the militant family-film star. Unfortunately, though Cube's verse on Killer Mike's "Pressure" seemed promising, tracks like "Why Me?" with that crazy thugged out Musiq Soulchild, prove otherwise. "I'm a bull in Barcelona/With a Corona," Cube spits. We cringe.