"Back on that Guerilla s---/That cold-hearted killa s---," 50 Cent and crew are back and tougher than ever with 'T.O.S. (Terminate on Sight),' in stores today. This time around the crew is back to its original lineup after ousting Nashville emcee Young Buck, despite the fact that Buck is present on a third of the album.

The founding members 50, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks take a cue from N.W.A. and rep hard for their 'hood on the Sean Bell tribute track 'Straight Outta Compton' and balance things out a bit with the somewhat radio-friendly single 'I Like the Way She Do It.' 50, who's often criticized for being too commercial on solo projects, stays close to the block on the trio's sophomore effort. 'T.O.S.' is a great reminder of why they slap that 'Parental Advisory' sticker on the cover.