Ne-Yo loves the ladies and is all too comfortable gushing over them on his third release 'Year of The Gentleman.'The album blurs the lines between R&B and pop music neatly packaged in a 12 track effort designed to inspire you on the dance floor and in the comforts of your own home. Although songs like 'Closer' and 'Nobody' are throw backs to Michael Jackson's hay-day the self- deprecating 'Why Does She Stay' comes off more insecure than praise worthy.

Even when he's trying to be sensual explaining the various traits of a woman that keeps him coming back for more, he is always a gentleman. Proving that a woman's power can be just as enticing as her walk, 'Miss Independent' is a sleeper ladies' anthem from a male perspective. In the midst of songs where he admires his female confidants from afar, 'Fade into the Background' and 'Lie to Me' are the heartbreak anecdotes that he's best known for. In contrast 'So You Can Cry' finds Ne-Yo fed-up with his female friend's pity party over a lost love.

Showing relationships from both sides is what Ne-Yo does best and while 'Year of The Gentleman' isn't a huge growth from previous works it does allow him to show more of his sly two-stepping, suit-wearing self.

In other New Releases, Raphael Saadiq pays homage to '60s soul with his retro/nostalgic third studio album 'The Way I See It,' which hits stores Tuesday. The multi-talent channels the likes of Sam Cooke, The Delfonics, The Stylistics and Al Green on his latest project that features guest appearance by Stevie Wonder, U.K. songstress Joss Stone, newcomer CJ and Jay-Z on the bonus track.