Chuck D has long been one of hip-hop's godfathers, but things are turning a bit more official as he just turned 50-years old at the beginning of August. In response, there's a new Public Enemy single that pays tribute to Chuck and other group members nearing their half-century mark. The new track is called 'Say It Like It Really Is' and was recently released by Chuck's SLAMjamz digital label.

"This song is a birthday song to myself," said Chuck. "...The dizzy whirl of society today has trained people into robots and consumers thinking that we celebrate younger age, not the rite of graceful passage into knowledge, wisdom and understanding."

The Public Enemy leader also stressed that he doesn't care if people request the song on radio, but bemoans the fact that "classic" white artists are given precedence on release schedules due their track records.

"I do not pine or sell myself, especially to an industry and society that considers black art, black history and black life a disposable, joke unless it can be cashed," he says. "I don't joke nor play with the legacy of the contributors that made it possible," said Chuck. Check out the birthday track after the jump.