When Lil Boosie received his original prison sentence for drug possession, the New Orleans rapper brushed off his impending lockdown by looking ahead and making tentative plans for his homecoming and new album release. Boosie's sentence has since been doubled, but it seems that even he might be coping with the legal mishap better than some of his fans. Six New Orleans men were arrested yesterday (Nov. 30) when cops caught them "protesting" the incarceration woes of Lil Boosie and fellow New Orleans rapper Lil Wayne. According to the Times-Picayune newspaper, the perpetrators were apprehended by off-duty police officers while spray painting "Free Lil Wayne," onto the walls of a public building.

The paper reports that the group of men were also responsible for placing banners on another street bearing the words "Free Lil Wayne and Free Lil Boosie" as well as using garbage cans and police barricades to block off a city street in another attempt of protest. After a failed attempt to flee from the scene, the men were caught and charged with criminal damage to property, resisting arrest and disturbing the peace. With a little more work, they just might have succeeded in joining their brethren behind bars.

Lil Boosie was recently sentenced to four years in prison after violating his probation, while Lil Wayne is expected to face one year in prison for possession of an illegal firearm.