Keyshia ColeNew mom, Keyshia Cole had a rough day in court on Thursday (March 25), when she stepped up to battle a lawsuit for blowing off a 2006 performance.

Cole appeared in a New Jersey courtroom to dispute that she was at fault for skipping out on a concert performance after a promoter paid her $15,000 up front. After hearing her testimony, the Judge had some choice -- and unfriendly -- words for the R&B singer.

According to TMZ, the judge was less than impressed with Cole's testimony, saying that she seemed "confused and at times nonsensical." And that was the best of it. After hearing Cole struggle to read her supporting paperwork, the judge questioned her ability to read, announcing that "it appears at times that she was not literate." Even when Cole finally managed to get through the documents, the judge ruled against her, forcing her to cough up almost $160,000 to cover damages.

Keyshia Cole gave birth to her son Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr. on March 3. Daniel is Cole's first child, with fiancé and Cleveland Cavaliers player Daniel "Boobie" Gibson.