Partial Fraction, a young technology start-up, knows that the world of hip-hop can be confusing to navigate on the Internet with so many hot sites, mp3s and social networking opportunities. That's why they've created a new app called 'Hip-Hop Mobile' for the iPhone and iPod Touch that attempts to curate the Internet experience for users of mobile devices.

"The hip-hop community has been directly or indirectly responsible for the success of many social media or networking platforms, including, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, blogging and Facebook to name a few," said app creator Kevin Brown in a press statement. "A good gauge of the success of a social media platform can be determined by looking at whether or not the hip-hop community embraces [it]. If [hip-hop] embraces a social media platform then that it most likely either has or will reach critical mass amongst the greater population."

The app only launched this week, but it's free and promises to deliver browser support for your favorite hip-hop blogs, YouTube videos, tweets and posts from platforms such as Facebook and MySpace. You can download by accessing the Apple App Store and searching for 'Hip-Hop Mobile.'