Busta RhymesBusta Rhymes has announced a release date for his forthcoming album, 'The Chemo.' The Grammy-nominated rapper stated that the album will be released on July 4, and reportedly will feature Trey Songz, Wyclef and Diddy's Dirty Money.

"When it's sizzling in these streets, I think that is the most appropriate time to let go of this heat that I'm sitting on," Busta said in a recent interview. "I been cooking in the kitchen and it's been feeling good. We about at the point were we about to take it out of the oven from baking add a couple of the final additives and preservatives and seasonings and feed people the full course meal."

Busta previously explained the album title as a reference to the struggling music industry. "I called the album 'The Chemo' because it seems like the industry and music overall is dying slowly," Busta told Billboard.

"The cancer that's stricken the business is killing the music, not only from a business standpoint, but also the value of the content and the creativity behind it. I just want to start the first stage of chemotherapy treatment that needs to take place and hopefully inspire others to do their part and contribute to different stages of the cure."

'The Chemo' is Busta's ninth studio album. His last release, 'Back on My B.S.' was released in May 2009.