Lexington, Kentucky rapper Nemo Achida has been on the radar of many who have a taste for mystical and emotional music. The 23-year-old New York-based, Midwest transplant released his latest project Tuesday, showcasing his East Coast roots.

'Midnight Magic' is a release reflecting Achida's groovy Brooklyn influences (also showcased in his previous project 'Goodbye' Brooklyn) while interweaving the sounds of Midwestern soul in tracks like "KillinEveryNi--a (woah)."

The 88-Keys protege boasts production from the likes of Childish Major, Iman Omari, Quartermaine, Rashad, Northern Lights, among others.

Nemo referrs to the 11-track LP as “the beginning of the rest of [his] musical life.” If drops similar to this are what's to come in Achida's future, he has a bright one.

In celebration of his new album drop, Nemo also released the video for the song 'MoodRing,' which is below. Listen to Nemo Achida's 'Midnight Magic' LP above the video.

Nemo Achida - MoodRing (prod. by Iman Omari) from Nemo Achida on Vimeo.