It's no secret that touring acts often engage in some rough business with venues, but recent allegations are putting Nelly's road manager way over the line. The veteran recording artist is now embroiled in a controversy which claims this manager, Abby Cole, kidnapped and threatened a bodyguard after an August 2010 show. The reason? Money.

According to the show's promoter Paul Dunn, Cole confronted him after a Nelly gig in Branson, Missouri asking for an additional $35,000 for the performance.

"He had a figure wrote down and demanded when the concert was over I give him that money -- cash money," said Dunn to the site Yo Raps while explaining that Nelly and his entourage then followed the venue employees to a local IHOP. "[In the restaurant's parking lot, Cole] basically kidnaps one of my security guards. I thought I was going to get shot. I thought to be honest with you; I thought I was fixing to get shot."

Nelly's rep claims that both sides had agreed to a $75,000 fee for the show. Dunn says the agreement was for a $37,000 check and $3000 in cash and that there was never a further agreement between the two parties. After the confrontation, Dunn wrote a check for the desired amount but stopped payment before it could be cashed.

"I'm not paying it because it wasn't part of our agreement," concluded Dunn.

Of course, this story is being entirely contested by Nelly's management. Blu Bolden, Derry Entertainment's COO, sent an email to Hip-Hop DX saying that his company "intends to pursue our claims in the appropriate venue."

Either way, watch your back at IHOP for the foreseeable future.

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