Nelly is turning his chiseled physique into a bankable entity with the release of his latest fitness video, 'Celebrity Sweat.' For the workout series, the St. Lunatic tapped celebrities from the sports and music world to provide consumers with a full body workout targeting abs, chest, triceps and more.

The comprehensive exercise routine also features drills to raise the customer's endurance by fusing weight lifting with a cardiovascular workout. "It's kind of a behind the scenes look at your favorite celebrities and your favorite athletes and some of the workouts we do. And hopefully you can pick up tips from there," Nelly said.

This isn't the first non-music project that Nelly has been involved in. His Apple Bottoms clothing line continues to do well since its launch in 2003. Last year, Nelly went international for the next model to represent the brand, traveling to seven cities in the Netherlands in search of Miss Apple Bottoms 2010. The brand started out as a jeans line made to fit curvy figures, but has expanded to include women's and girl's clothing, accessories and perfume.

'Celebrity Sweat' is in stores now and can be downloaded via iTunes.

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