Nelly suffered a hefty financial hit earlier this month when an unidentified man broke into his home in St. Louis and robbed the joint blind. The St. Lunatic's rapper was away at the time of the incident, but is now on the long path to revenge. He's offering $10,000 for information on the December 11 burglary and has teamed with CrimeStoppers to setup an anonymous phone line for tips related to the incident.

The lofty reward was originally reported by ABC News and announced by CrimeStoppers on Monday (Dec. 28). While the list of stolen items hasn't been released, it's known that the burglar swiped some expensive electronics. At the time, the St. Louis County police department reached the scene after a phone call from someone staying at Nelly's residence. They are still searching for the suspect -- a black male in his 20s or 30s with a mustache and glasses. The suspect was reportedly seen driving off in a black Yukon.

The $10,000 cash reward is being offered directly from Nelly, while CrimeStoppers offers an additional sum to anyone with information that leads to a felony arrest (not necessarily conviction) of a suspect for the case.

Honest question: Is CrimeStoppers snitching or are we cool with that?