Move over T.I. and Tiny, there's a new hip-hop family program on the block, and it stars none other than Nelly.

'Nellyville' centers on the rapper raising four kids -- two of which are his own and the other two are his sister's children. Tragically, Nelly's sister, Jackie Donahue, died of leukemia in 2005, after battling the disease for quite some time.

The reality show also details his relationship with Floyd Mayweather's ex, Shantel Jackson.

Like many reality shows surrounding family, there will be a slew of parent and child conflicts. For example, Nelly's nephew, Shawn, who wants to be a professional rapper, steals his uncle's new Bentley for a joy ride. And his niece Sydney, a.k.a. Stink, is caught having a party with her friends.

There's no telling whether these story lines are contrived or real, as it's very likely producers created fake conflicts to amp up the drama but either way the show looks pretty entertaining, and it'll be interesting to see another side of the 'Hot in Herre' rhymer.

'Nellyville' premieres on BET Nov. 25.