She swooped onto the airwaves with 'I'm Like a Bird,' all quirky, wholesome and Canadian. So what gives with the racy lyrics Nelly Furtado's spouting in her hot new single, 'Promiscuous?'

According to the pint-sized chanteuse, the sexy new words aren't her doing. "Actually, on 'Promiscuous,' I didn't write all the lyrics for the first time ever," she says. "That's why the album's called 'Loose' -- 'cause I was like 'Yeahhhhh!' I was in this weird Miami party mode. All I would do was wake up and hang out with my two-and-a-half-year-old daughter all day in the sun in South Beach, and go to the studio at, like, nine o'clock, all sun-drunk."

According to Furtado, her producer Timbaland brought in Alabama rapper Attitude, who penned a few of the bawdier lines in the studio. "Tim's very specific about the rapping. He'd say, 'Your backpacker rhymes just don't go well over there.'"

Furtado embarks on a series of live dates beginning in her native Canada at the Calgary Stampede on Friday. "What I think is really great is this album's captured the spirit of what I do live," she says. "When I do my live show I'm actually more rock than pop. I like to jam and incorporate the audience."