Nelly and his St. Lunatics squad are officially back together and are set to release a new album after nearly a decade. The group vowed not to make another album following 2001's 'Free City,' until Nelly's brother City Spud was released from prison, which took a little longer than they anticipated. Aptly titled 'City Free,' the album is set to make its way to stores later this year.

"A lot of y'all been following us," Nelly said. You know the history. Our first album was called 'Free City,' in honor of my little brother who was locked up right before we dropped 'Country Grammar.' He wasn't with us, and we dropped the first Lunatic album. We didn't want to do another Lunatic album until he came out. We kinda got crossed up with that, 'cause we were hoping almost every year it would be the year he got out. Had we known he wouldn't get out till nine years later, obviously, we would have done another Lunatic album. But my brother is free now."

The album first single will be 'Polo' an ode to the Ralph Lauren clothing line of the same name. Ironically, this isn't the first time Nelly has put his feelings about a brand to song. He previously released the track 'Air Force Ones' expressing his adoration of the Nike sneaker. "We're good for those novelty records like that," he explained. "But I think we do it best. We can't help it. It's a part of that culture [in St. Louis]. All of [those records] was banging! Stop me when it don't work."

Since their extended hiatus the group has been experienced solo success as well as their share of ups and downs. As previously reported former St. Lunatic member Slo Down blasted Nelly accusing him of shorting him out of funds. Nelly later refuted the claims, brushing Slo off as disgruntled for not receiving the same opportunities as the other group members. No word yet on whether or not Slo will be allowed to get in on the new album. 'City Free' hits stores in November.

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