R&B fans, be prepared to see Ne-Yo in a new light, as the singer–songwriter will be suiting up for the big screen, battling aliens in the sci-fi thriller 'Battle: Los Angeles.' Set in Los Angeles, Ne-Yo and his co-stars -- Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, Michael Pena and Bridget Moynahan -- will attempt to rescue children trapped in a community center during an alien invasion.

While the big-budget film takes place in L.A., shooting begins this week in Shreveport, Louisiana, due to the southern city's various filming incentives. Director Jonathan Liebesman ('The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning') assures fans that the location will look just like California, but without all the specific L.A. landmarks. "[The aliens won't attack] the 405, but you're gonna see some freeway s---," Liebesman told MTV. "It's literally like 'Black Hawk Down,' if there were aliens in there...Like Iraqi war footage, but with aliens running around."

Ne-Yo is no stranger to film, having already shown up in 2006's 'Save the Last Dance 2,' 'Stomp the Yard' in 2007 and more recently, alongside Method Man, in the World War II action-flick 'Red Tails,' penned by famed Star Wars creator George Lucas. Having worked with some big names in Hollywood, the ambitious R&B star is said to be developing his own movie, the "music-romance" 'Venice Beach.'