While it's still debatable how much credibility there really is to the cliche statement that "all is fair in love and war," according to Ne-Yo, neither love, nor war should involve friends. After Chris Brown's recent apology for the now famed Rihanna incident a few months back, the singer/songwriter said that he plans to hold his peace on Rihanna's upcoming album.

Ne-Yo told MTV News that although he is working with Rihanna on her latest project, he will stay away from any topics related to Brown, because of their friendship and his respect for the young singer.

I've done some stuff for Rihanna's [project]," he said "I didn't really want to go there too much, because I know that's what everybody is expecting. I don't think there isn't a person alive that doesn't know what happened and what it was. I don't feel like it needs to be glorified. I don't think that needs to be a song that's sung or written.

Ne-Yo went on to say that his friendship with Brown has not changed as a result of the incident, and because of that he has no intentions of airing out Brown on a record. "Chris Brown is a friend of mine, and I don't view him as a bad guy for what happened," he said. "It was an absolute mistake, and he has some lessons to learn and some maturing to do. But I'm not gonna bash him for that. I'm not gonna turn my back on a person I call my friend because he made a mistake. [So] I can't write the Chris Brown bash song and then turn around and look myself in the mirror."