Ne-Yo had a hit with 'Sexy Love' back in the days, but he’s getting no love from a New York restaurant after he allegedly ditched a bill and left no tip.

According to the New York Daily News, the R&B singer came to Negril in Manhattan's West Village to dine earlier this month. He ate and partied with a group of 10 people, who ate chicken dinners with mac and cheese, and ordered a round of vodka drinks from the bar.

When it was all said and done, Ne-Yo charged up an $800 bill. However, when it came time to pay, the 'So Sick' crooner skipped out on the tab and on top of that left, failed to leave the waitress a tip.

“We had a Monday Night Football thing, the Giants were in, too, and Ne-Yo came in with [road manager] Jayvon Smith, a group of girls, some guys and a bodyguard," an onlooker explained to the newspaper. "He was ordering all this stuff and he kept asking people what they want, and kept the drinks coming.

The eyewitness also claims that Ne-Yo and the group had the waitress "running ragged" serving food and drinks to the table, but she was very generous and helpful.

"The waitress was really sweet, she even helped his bodyguard, who sat at the bar while the group ate," said the snitch. “She’s smiling like she’s going to get a good tip and she ends up looking for him after no one paid the bill."

Apparently, after a quick game of keep-away with the food bill, Ne-Yo walked out of the restaurant and left in an SUV. However, the manager of Negril did try to get the singer to pay the tab but was blocked by his bodyguard.

This isn’t a good look for Ne-Yo who, ironically, released an album called 'Year of the Gentleman.' If this story is true, he wasn’t so honorable with the restaurant or waitress.

Reps for Ne-Yo had no comment on the matter.