The Norwegian publication VG Nett is reporting that singer/songwriter Ne-Yo was arrested in Oslo, Norway on Saturday (Feb. 27) after an alleged altercation between a member of his entourage and a bus boy. Following a performance at the Olso Spektrum, Ne-Yo and members of his entourage were at an after party at Emil & Samuel, a nightclub in downtown Olso when a massive fight broke out.

While at the nightclub a patron was said to have walked by and grabbed a female partying with Ne-Yo which set off members of his entourage. A busy boy who was an innocent bystander was then punched in the face. Following the punch another member of the entourage allegedly ran into the kitchen of the club picked up a knife and began threatening people, but was eventually calmed down by an unknown person.

Ne-Yo and his entourage then proceeded to leave the club and another fight erupted after someone passing by caused another female part of entourage to fall. The singer was then detained and searched by Norwegian police, but eventually released.

"All in all this is an unfortunate situation involving the artist, Emil & Samuel and the concert management," said the owner of Emil & Samuel on Sunday.