Premiere champagne company Moet & Chandon and Ne-Yo announced their collaboration on a seven-city fall event series -- The Moet Rose Lounge presents Ne-Yo's Champagne Life -- on Tuesday (Aug. 31). The Grammy winner will embark on the cross country event inspired by his current single 'Champagne Life.'

As an extension of the Moet Rose Lounge that previously featured The-Dream, the invitation only celebration will hit Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore and Washington D.C. starting next month. Ne-Yo will be on hand to host the events as well as showcase some of the tracks off his forthcoming release, 'Libra Scale.' Guests will also be treated to Moet & Chondon's top selling Nectar Imperial Rose champagne.

"The album will definitely have something for everybody," Ne-Yo told The BoomBox. "That's my claim to fame."

'Libra Scale' hits stores October 19 while 'The Moet Rose Lounge Presents: Ne-Yo's Champagne Life' kicks takes place from September to October at location to be disclosed.

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