The National Museum of Hip-Hop, still looking to launch a physical location, has taken their cause to the public. Founders have launched a new donation initiative entitled 'Donate-A-Dollah,' which hopes to raise funds to launch a flagship location in New York City.

The museum is asking every human to donate a single dollar to the cause. With that dollar, you can vote on the museum's focus and where it should be located within New York City's five boroughs.

"If we are ever going to create positive change within our inner-city communities, we must stop depending on out-of-area government officials and corrupt politicians; true changes begins and ends with the PEOPLE," said spokesperson and founder Craig Wilson, "But before the people (hip-hop culture) can enact change, they must first be unified; this, unification, is the underlying focus of the DAD Campaign." Wilson charges that the genre "is long overdue for an institution to recognize and educate the public on the positive contributions" that hip-hop has made.

The museum foundation launched in 2005, but received its first significant donation from rapper KRS-One last November. KRS had previously protested and encouraged a boycott of the museum due to lack of input from the genre's forefathers.

To donate-a-dollah head over to You might want to hurry. The first 100,000 donors will have their names "enshrined" on the walls of the facilty when it eventually goes up.