Legendary West Coast rapper Nate Dogg passed away last month and his two young sons are already preparing to follow in their father's musical footsteps.

In a video interview with TMZ, 15-year-old Nigel and 18-year-old "Little Nate" explain that they both plan to pursue careers in hip-hop. The teenagers revealed that they are currently in the process of writing their songs, but have plans to work with West Coast artists such as DJ Quik, Game and their "Uncle Snoop." "Like father, like son, you know?" Little Nate says.

At the request of the cameraman, Little Nate spits a super short freestyle, but admits that his dad has not heard any of his music. "I don't think he woulda liked it," Nate explains, smiling. "He didn't like me cussing too much."

Nate Dogg, real name Nathaniel D. Hale, passed away on March 15 due to complications from subsequent strokes in December 2007 and September 2008. The G-Funk pioneer was buried at a public funeral at the Long Beach Cruise Terminal in California on March 26.

On March 27, the late rapper was honored at the DUB car show in Los Angeles, where performers included Waka Flocka Flame, Game and Lupe Fiasco. His son Nigel took the stage for a performance of his late father's classic 1994 hit with Warren G, 'Regulate.'

Watch Warren G's 'Regulate' feat. Nate Dogg
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