After debuting the song at a Run the Jewels album listening party on Wednesday night (Oct. 30), Nas delivers the studio version of 'The Season,' which uses the 'Gobstopper' beat from J Dilla’s great album, 'Donuts.'

Over a horn-driven loop, the veteran rhymer, pays tribute to Dilla and reflects on being the king of rap and not being able to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

"The ruler's back, you can tell by the trumpets / Prince of Wales sent me tea, biscuits, crumpets / Jewelry cost more than the car, car cost 200 / Get out your chair, the season of Nasir," he raps.

Elsewhere, Nas denies that Jay Electronica and Jay Z wrote his rhymes and credits his brother Jungle as his source of inspiration.

In response to the critics, he spits, "Let me make this clear, they fear the gifted / Some say Shakespeare never existed / Wow, now, look at the amount of resistance / Attempts to chisel my face, from the mountain you guessed it / Bitch you guessed it / There, did I answer your questions? / So, now that's out the way let's get back to my message."

'The Season' is a great reminder of how lyrically gifted Nas is and how we miss the late and great producer J Dilla.

Madonna loved the song so much that she licked Nas' face -- not really. The photo below is Nas and Madonna working in the studio together on a song. "It's a NY & Detroit thing @Madonna," the rapper wrote in the caption.

Listen to Nas' 'The Season' Song Produced by J Dilla

It's a NY & Detroit thing! @madonna

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