Looks like Nas won't be subscribing to or picking up a Maxim magazine anytime soon. The rapper expressed some confusion and discontent with the men's mag -- known for its revealing pics of female actresses and models -- when they gave his upcoming album a 2 1/2-star review.

The 34-year-old rapper, who's been making hits since the mid '90s, wasn't dismayed by the thought of receiving a less than stellar critique, but was instead surprised that Maxim could even have an opinion on the incomplete project.

"I'm finishing the album now, and it will be out April 22," the rapper told the New York Post's Page Six. The rap star went on to admit that a review from Maxim, good or bad, wouldn't weigh heavy on his mind. "I'd prefer [a review from] Playboy," Nas said. "That kind of stuff doesn't reach my radar or effect anybody around me. I don't know what a music rating from Maxim is ... I don't know what it even means really."